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My wiccan name is Harmony Moon and I am a practicing witch living in harmony with nature in a rural community. My main Deity is Selene, Goddess of the Moon.

My chosen field of majick is Moon Majick and I use Crystals and herbs for Healing and Spell Craft.

I am here to help and give guidance and valuable knowledge to you.

I can help you by offering you INSIGHTFUL Tarot Readings and Guidance Readings by E-mail or Phone. I have a strong connection to spirit and use their guidance and wisdom in my readings which brings valuable information to my clients.


Please send me an

e-mail for any enquiries regarding these services.

I can combine services eg: A Tarot Reading followed by Spell work for you or we can work on some majick together.

I work only with postive energies and in doing so I have had much success and happiness from my clients.

I often find clients would like a monthly reading over a year period. With this sort of arrangement I can offer a discount for my clients and also connect with them on a deeper level and with more understanding.


 ~ * Blessed Be * ~ 

~* Harmony Moon *~

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