Majick Moonligh Tarot Reading, Professional Spell Casting and Healing

Welcome to my Tarot Page

I hope that I can help you answer some questions you may have.

My name is Harmony Moon and I am a practicing wiccan living in harmony with nature in rural Victoria, Australia. 

My main Deity is Selene, Goddess of the Moon. My chosen field of majick is Moon Majick and I have a strong connection to Crystal Healing and Spell Craft.

I have been given the gifts of powerful insight and spirital knowledge, with special guidance from the higer self.

I can help You and give true and accurate spiritual guidance and valuable knowledge. I am here to offer you INSIGHTFUL and helpful Tarot Readings and Spiritual Guidance. I have a strong connection to spirit and use their guidance and wisdom in my readings which brings valuable information for my clients.

I have been working closely with my guides and have gained much insight into the nature of Tarot and what it can offer in regards to forseeing events, big and small and fortelling the best ways to work through a situation and produce an outcome that is more desirable. Leaving you confidant and on a path to success. 

If you would like me to help you, I offer a 3 Month Prediction Spread for $85 by phone at the moment or a three card (or more) indepth reading for $45 by email.

If you click the link below it will take you to a more detailed reading description and an easy way to book with me.

If there is a specific Question you have or just a General Guidance, please let me know at check out in the notes section.

Knowledge is Power.



Blessed Be ~* Harmony Moon *~

Tarot Reading (3 Month Prediction)

3 Month or 3+ Card Insightful Tarot Prediction Reading

Are you wanting to know if your on the right path or making the right choices when it comes to your Family Life, Career or Love Life?

Do you need Guidance on which path to take when making an important decision?

Are you curious as to what the future may hold for you?